About Fluid Copy

Fluid Copy offers professional copywriting services for global brands.

Born and raised in New York, Fluid Copy founder Johnny Marino is an American citizen with a native English tongue and keyboard, currently based in the Nordics of Northern Europe in Helsinki, Finland.

He’s worked on the client side for 17 years, creating premium copy and digital content on a global scale for some of the most well-known brands in the world.

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Fluid Copy copywriting solutionsWhile creating copy is the nucleus of his offering, he’s also produced many brand photography shoots, video productions and television spots, each of which involved script writing, storyboarding and art directing.

A unique background with global brands means he’s well-versed in the needs of business and business leaders. And his work has helped to significantly improve the content for companies and businesses of all sizes, all over the world.

Enterprises and medium-sized businesses all the way to small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs in various industries; from the education sector, to gaming and technology, to chemistry, not-for-profits, museums, the arts and everything in between.

Emmy Award nominee for Digital Interactivity

During the early part of his career in New York, he received an Emmy Award nomination for his digital work with Madison Square Garden Network around the company’s online channels and interactive television platforms.

From creating your brand’s long-term identity with a creative tagline to writing SEO-friendly and engaging web marketing copy to the creation of long-form technical documents, brochures, newsletters, online retail product listings, all the way to a successful ad campaign on Facebook or Google AdWords, reach out and contact us to see how Fluid Copy can help your business.

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